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A Guide to Installing and Using the GD&T Hierarchy Coach

Installation Instructions

Turn off all antivirus software before installing. The ActMan.exe file that installs is not recognized by some antivirus software packages. These software packages will cause issues with the installation process.

  • Run the “setup.exe” file from the CD or Flash Drive you received. For Network Installs you MUST load the software from a remote workstation onto a network drive. Do not load using a server PC.
  • Insert the CD or drive into your computer.
  • From the Start menu choose “Run”.
  • Type F:\setup.exe (substitute the letter for “f” that corresponds to your drive).
  • Click “OK”.
  • The screen to the left will appear.
  • Click “Next”.
  • Read the License Agreement.
  • Check “I accept the agreement”.
  • Click “Next”.
  • Choose the location where you would like to save the program.
  • Note: For Network Installs you MUST map a drive, you cannot use a UNC. If you need help mapping a drive, see Windows Help or the Network Section of this booklet.
  • Select the “Start Menu” Folder.
  • Click “Next”.
  • If you would like a desktop icon, check the box. If not, leave it unchecked.
  • Click “Next”.
  • Review the information.
  • If correct, click “Install”.
  • If not correct, click “Back” and fix anything that is wrong.
  • Review the information in the “Thank you” screen.
  • Click “Next”.
  • Note: It is recommended that you view The GD&T Hierarchy Coach at a resolution higher than 1024 x 768.
  • Leave “Authorize Your Copy of The GD&T Hierarchy Coach” checked.
  • Click “Finish”.

Now it is time to Authorize your Software. Follow the instructions in the Authorization Section of this Guide.

Authorization Instructions

  • You will be prompted to perform the task in automatic mode. If you have a firewall or high security on your system, you may want to choose “No”. Instructions for both methods follow.

Automatic Mode

  • You will be reminded that you must provide a valid Product Code. The Product Code is located on the “Quick Start” card that accompanied your software.
  • Find the Product Code and Click “OK”.
  • Enter your Product Code and click “OK”. The Product Code is Case Sensitive.
  • You will receive a successful activation screen.
  • Close the activation window.
  • If it was not successful, see the Trouble Shooting section of this booklet.

Manual Mode

  • This screen will appear with your User Code. To get your Activation Code follow the instructions below.
  • Enter the Product Code from the Quick Start Card and the User Code provided by Actman.
  • Click “Submit”.
  • You will be provided with an Activation Code.
  • Type the Activation Code or Copy and Paste the Activation Code into the Activation Code field on the Activation Code Entry Screen.
  • Click “OK”.
  • You will receive a successful activation screen.
  • Close the activation window.
  • If it was not successful, see the Trouble Shooting section of this booklet.

Using the Software

  • Run “GDTCoach.exe” from The GD&T Hierarchy Coach directory (or the directory where the software was loaded). If you have a Network install, see the “Using the Software – Network Installs” for more details.
  • Type in your last name and first name or choose your name from the list.
  • Click “OK”.
  • Choose the version of the course you would like to take. A description of each is below.
  • Note: For Network versions only, if you choose the Class version, you will be prompted to create a password. You will need this password to log back into your files each time you enter the class.

Class version: This version includes video lessons with student interactions & a quiz at end of each lesson. A grade of 80% correct is required on the quiz to move to the next lesson. This pass rate can be changed by the administrator. See the Administrator section of this booklet.

Seminar version: This version includes video lessons with student interactions and no quizzes. You may skip around to any lesson.

Video Only version: This version contains videos only with no student interaction or quizzes. It is a quick way to look something up.

  • Click on the Chapter you would like to enter. The Class Version screen is displayed.
  • To Begin the Chapter, click on the “Start Lesson” button.
  • If you do not have the accompanying textbook or workbook, click on the “Buy Book” button to go to the Tec-Ease store to purchase your book. Make sure you use the coupon code to receive a discount.

Network Installs

Network Installs Only

If not mapped, use “My Computer”, “Tools”, “Map Network Drive” per picture:

Note: If the software gives you an error. Change the Target parameter in the shortcut to read: “x:\The GD&T Hierarchy Coach\tb115run.exe” “x:\The GD&T Hierarchy Coach\GDTCoach.exe”

Where “x” is the drive letter the software is loaded on and “The GD&T Hierarchy Coach” is the complete path to the location where the software is located. It is extremely important that there be quotes around both items and that there is one space between the quotes.

Administration Network Installs Only

  • Open each cong file in notepad. Make sure you have permission to change the file. Depending on your version of Windows, you may need to open this in Notpad and run as administrator. (Instead of just clicking on the file and choosing open with Notepad, you should go to your Notepad application and right click on it. Choose “Run as Administrator”. Once Notepad is open, choose File..Open and open the two config files listed above).


        	<setting name="DbFilePath" serializeAs="String">
                     <value />


        	<setting name="DbFilePath" serializeAs="String">
                     <value>Y:\The GDT Hierarchy Coach\tbksettg4.ini</value>

(Replace “Y:\The GDT Hierarchy Coach” with the directory on the server where the tbksettg4.ini file is located. This should be the same location that GDTCoach.exe is located).

  • The default password is “tbk”. You may change this password once you log in. Please write it down, we cannot reset it for you.
  • You can use the Administrator to modify the passing grade for each Chapter quiz, register students and modify lesson order.
  • You can use the Reporter software to view the progress of each student.
  • There are Help files that accompany each software package.


TBKTracker Administrator

Once you have installed the Administrator, you can change settings for the course.

  • To change Global settings such as requiring a password or setting a time out feature, click on the “Global Settings” menu option under the “Modify” menu.
  • By checking the “Password Required” box, if your courses are set up to use Global Settings, each student will be required to enter a password in order to register. The password will also be required each time the student returns to the course.
  • If you would like the students to automatically go back to the last page they were on and not have the choice to start over, check this box.
  • To set the program to automatically log the person out after a certain amount of inactivity. Check this box and enter the number of minutes you would like the person to have to be inactive.
  • Next Check the “Exit User When Inactivity Timeout Reached”. This will log the user out and save their progress.
  • Note, if you do this, you can run a report in TBK Reporter to see who has logged in and out on any date range. This allows you to contact people that are logged in.
  • To change settings for a specific course, choose this menu option.
  • On the left side you can set a course to require a password. This allows you to set some courses with password required and others without a password required.
  • You can choose to have the course follow the Global Settings.
  • You can set the course to be open enrollment, etc.

TBKTracker Reporter

Once you have installed the Administrator, you can run reports on Students training history using this module.

  • To View Reports on Students. Choose the “Students…” menu choice.
  • There are many helpful reports. One of the most helpful is “Student Training History”. You can limit the date range and the students that you wish to look at from this screen.
  • Another helpful report is the “Student Login History”. This report will tell you if anyone is currently logged into the system.

Trouble Shooting

Uninstalling Your Software