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Tec-Ease, Inc. is passionate about GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing) and we want to help ensure you apply the Y14.5 Standard correctly. This is one reason we offer these GD&T Tips for free! If you would like additional help understanding the concepts in the Standard, we also provide some of the best GD&T training (On-site, Public Seminars, Webinars, and Computer Based). Our online store is filled with GD&T training and reference materials.

Recent GD&T Tips
January 2010 Spheres as Datum Features Constrain 3 Translations

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December 2009 Center Planes as Datum Features Constrain 3 Degrees of Freedom
November 2009 Use Composite Tolerances to Control the Feature-to-Feature Relationship

Since 1997 Tec-Ease, Inc. has created a GD&T Tip-of-the-Month.  These tips are listed below in alphabetical order.  To view a tip, either scroll down the list and click on the GD&T topic or click a letter group, and be taken to those topics.  If you have a suggestion for an upcoming tip, please 

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Actual Mating Envelope  

These GD&T Tips came from Don's years of experience in using and teaching GD&T. 

The GD&T Hierarchy Pyramid is designed to be a quick reference. 
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Angularity Does Not Locate Video Clip
ASME Y14.5-2009  Video Clip
Basic Dimensions
ASME Y14.41 - 2003
Coaxiality Controls
Composite Tolerancing Video Clip
Circular Runout  Video Clip
Corporate Addendum Video Clip
Cylindricity Inspection
Directly Toleranced Dimensions
Drawing “PreviewsVideo Clip
Exact Constraint
Extensions of Principle
Feature of Size Video Clip
Feature Control Frame Video Clip
Features Have Axes Video Clip
Fixed and Floating Fasteners
Free State
Location Tolerances
Notes On Drawings
Orientation Video Clip
Origin Symbol
Pick Your GD&T Tools Wisely Video Clip
Patterns of Features
Perpendicularity Video Clip
Rounding Numbers
Rule 1 Video Clip
Don’t Be Tricky with GD&T  Video Clip
Slots Video Clip
Standards Revisions 
Tangent Plane
The GD&T Hierarchy Pyramid
Tolerances Video Clip
Wall Thickness



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