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Print Reading For Today - Software

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Most programs and books on Print Reading are considered dry and monotonous. The Print Reading for Today Coach is not that! Tec-Ease, Inc. has purposefully avoided this pitfall in its' Coach development to help students learn print reading the first time. The Print Reading for Today Coach has been designed to assist students in understanding Print Reading while increasing information retention through activities, full color 3-D graphics, fun animations and quizzes (and a little humor).

On average this course takes 16 to 20 hours to complete.

With this Stand-alone Software -

1) You own it

2) Is loaded on a single computer (not on a server or network)

3) One hard copy of the "Print Reading for Today" textbook 

4) Receive access to our Web-based final exam

5) Certificate of Completion, upon receiving a passing score (80%)

6) Tracks one persons' progress

7) Can be reset for another person

Note: Additional collections with a final exam are available for $85, plus shipping each. Final exam only, $50 each.

Other options for this course includes Individual Web Access and Corporate Web Access

Couse Outline:
Drawing conventions

Finding your way around on a drawing
Drawing Format
Revision Block
Title Block
Linear Tolerances
Angular Tolerances
Projection Angle
Drawing Scale
Part Name/Part Number
Reading Multiview Drawings

Orthographic projection
Third Angle Projection
Auxiliary View
Section Views
Three dimensional drawings

Oblique sketching
Isometric sketching

Dimension Lines
Leader Lines
Extension Lines
Implied dimensions
Linear Dimensions
Angular Dimensions

Thread terminology
Thread Forms
Inch Threads
Metric Threads
Standard Features

Slots and groves
Reference Dimensions
Surface Texture
Keyseats and Keyways
Features of size
Patterns of features

Methods of tolerancing
Limit Dimensioning
Tolerance Accumulation
Brief History of Engineering Drawings
Welding Symbols

Types of Welds
Types of Joints
Basic Weld Symbols
Supplementary Weld Symbols
Sample Prints

Molded Plastic
Powder metal