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Print Reading For Today Coach
The Print Reading for Today Coach is based on Don Day's popular textbook collection. This course covers the basics of Print Reading and is in accordance with the ASME Y14.5-2009 standard with coverage of former Standards and practices.

1 Stand Alone PC license - $795.00

1-User LAN license - $2,295.00
2-User LAN license - $3,090.00
3-User LAN license - $3,885.00
4-User LAN license - $4,680.00
5-User LAN license - $5,475.00
6-User LAN license - $6,270.00
7-User LAN license - $7,065.00
8-User LAN license - $7,860.00
9-User LAN license - $8,655.00

Additional LAN versions are available, Please call for pricing.
LAN pricing is listed below in drop-down box. The price is $795 plus the price shown.

Print Reading for Today Version

Price: US$795.00

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More Details

Print Reading For Today
Print Reading For Today by Don Day

Price: US$85.00


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