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GD&T Trainers at Tec-Ease

Where GD&T Rules!

All of the Tec-Ease trainers have real-world industry experience, are senior level certified, and have a working understanding of GD&T. They use a variety of teaching techniques to ensure the class is engaging and that the material is memorable. The use of humor keeps the participants interested and helps them to learn. Our trainers can incorporate your drawings into the course outline, adding another benefit for your company and employees.

Meet the Tec-Ease, Inc. Team

Wendy Patterson

Wendy Patterson

Rob Przybysz

Rob Przybysz

Frank Bakos

Frank Bakos

Brett Lance

Brett Lance

Luis Aguirre - Training in Spanish

Luis Aguirre
Bilingual GD&T Training


Ray Wheeler

Mike Long - Training in China

Mike Long
GD&T Training in China

Jim Sykes

Jim Sykes
GD&T Training in Canada

Dave Masson - GD&T Training in the U.K.

Eur Ing Dave Masson
GD&T Training in the U.K.

Joao Baker - GD&T Training in Brazil.

Joao Baker
GD&T Training in Brazil

Don Day

In memory of Don Day, Co-Founder of Tec-Ease, Inc.

Those of you that had the pleasure of knowing and working with Don know he was passionate about GD&T and loved to teach. His knowledge, teaching style and humor helped students to retain the concepts he taught. The staff and trainers at Tec-Ease will continue to provide GD&T training and materials in a way that Don would be proud of.