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Don Day

Don Day, Co-Founder

Those of you that had the pleasure of knowing and working with Don know he was passionate about GD&T and loved to teach. His knowledge, teaching style and humor helped students retain the concepts he taught. Don was a Professor Emeritus from Monroe Community College where he grew their Mechanical Technology Department. He was a member of several ASME committees including Y14.5, Y14.8, Y14.5.2 and Y14 main to name a few. He was well respected on the committees and helped write the standards that our training is written in accordance with. Don hand picked the members of our Tec-Ease team to ensure all of our Coaches have the same passion and commitment to sharing GD&T that he did. The staff and trainers at Tec-Ease will continue Don's legacy by providing GD&T training and materials in a way that would make him proud.