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Tec-Ease, Inc. announces the release of new website

March 18, 2005

Tec-Ease, Inc. announces the release of its new website at www.tec-ease.com. The new website features a fresh new look and is packed with information about the training Tec-Ease provides. It will become your favorite online source for GD&T information.

Free reference material includes:

  • Definitions of GD&T symbols, complete with images
  • An archive of the Tec-Ease Tip-of-the-Month, which features GD&T concepts. This archive includes over 90 tips, which previously were available for a fee.

Free reference material includes:

  • Our free on-line test, which allows you to evaluate your knowledge of GD&T. The results determine your level of understanding and which of the Tec-Ease courses would be most beneficial to you.
  • Calendar of Events, which lists upcoming public seminars complete with dates and locations.
  • The GD&T Store, which provides you with an online source for GD&T products and training materials.

Review the new Tec-Ease website today and see for yourself why Tec-Ease is your best choice for GD&T and Manufacturing Industry training.

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