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Y14.5-2009 Update GD&T Public Seminar - Register Today

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Cost: $495 per person - In this class you will learn the major changes that have been made to the ASME Y14.5-2009 standard. Discover why and when you will want to move to this latest revision.

Don Day, author of The GD&T Hierarchy and President of Tec-Ease, will be presenting live via the Internet and telephone using the WebEx training portal. In this Webinar you will learn the major changes that have been made to the ASME Y14.5-2009 standard. Discover why and when you will want to move to this latest revision.

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We will cover the changes which:

  • Add new concepts and symbols to clarify the meaning of the drawing
  • Clarify concepts found in the 1994 revision
  • Extend principles found in the 1994 revision
  • Resolve differences or discrepancies found in the current standard
  • Incorporate concepts from other Y14 standards

The major revisions of the Standard are driven by the needs of industry. A drawing today is defined in the Y14.100 standard as "an engineering document or digital data file(s)". Designs and individual parts are more complex today. In addition, the need for higher quality and improved productivity demand that we get it right the first time. Because Tec-Ease, Inc. has been involved with this revision every step of the way, we can provide the reasons for these changes. The application of the new concepts will be shown on a variety of parts from castings and molded parts to sheet metal and other fabricated parts. As in the past, the graphics for this webinar will be in full color and 3-D to make understanding the revisions that much easier. We have also included many animations and exercises to test your understanding of the concepts.

Course Outline:

Section 1 - Scope, Definitions, and General Dimensioning

  • Clarify Boundaries
  • The Coordinate System - New Symbol
  • Degrees of Freedom
  • Datum Feature Simulator Definition
  • Actual Envelopes
  • Irregular Features of Size - New Concept
  • Major Revisions to Fundamental Rules
  • Rounded Ends and Slotted Holes
  • Readability
  • Spotface - New Symbol

Section 2 - General Tolerancing

  • Positional Tolerancing Method
  • Basic Dimensions
  • Principle of Independency - New Symbol
  • Continuous Feature - New Symbol

Section 3 - Symbology

  • New Symbology
  • Symbol Placement

Section 4 - Datum Reference Frames

  • Labeling the Coordinate System - New Symbol
  • Degrees of Freedom - New Symbols
  • Datum Feature Simulators
  • Degrees of Freedom Chart - Expansion of Datum Features
  • Virtual Condition - Clarified
  • Orienting Datum Planes - Clarified
  • Regardless of Material Boundary Application
  • Maximum Material Boundary Application
  • Datum Translation - New Symbol
  • Irregular Features of Size as Datum Features
  • Datum Feature Selection
  • Customized Datum Reference Frame - New Symbol
  • Mathematically Defined Surface
  • Clarifying Applicable Boundaries
  • Movable Datum Targets - New Symbol
  • Restraint Clarified
  • Multiple Datum Features
  • Simultaneous Requirements

Section 5 - Tolerances of Form

  • Application of Flatness RFS, MMC or LMC - New Use of Flatness

Section 6 - Tolerances of Orientation

  • One Orientation Symbol Instead of Three!

Section 7 - Tolerances of Location

  • Position, Concentricity and Symmetry
  • Profile of a Surface Control
  • LMC and LMB Applications to Position
  • Composite Position Tolerancing - Expanded
  • Position Tolerance with No Datum Reference

Section 8 - Tolerances of Profile

  • Profile Tolerances for Plane Surfaces
  • Offset Surfaces
  • Combined Controls
  • Unilateral and Unequally Disposed Profile - New Symbol
  • Profile Tolerances as General Requirements
  • All Over Specification/Symbol - New Symbol
  • Non-Uniform Zone - New Control
  • Non-Uniform Zone to Smooth the Transitions
  • Composite Profile Tolerancing - Expanded

Section 9 - Tolerances of Runout

  • No changes
Y14.5-2009 GD&T Standard Update Computer Based Training

How to Register

You can register on-line at http://www.tec-ease.com/register.php or call 888-832-3273 or 716-785-6015. Registrations within the continental United States are required at least 3 business days in advance of the start of session 1. Registrations from outside the continental United States require a 10 business day minimum advance registration from the start of session 1. Registrations outside of the continental United States also have an additional monetary charge associated with shipping course materials. (Webinar limited to 20 participants, so register today!)

Additional viewing options:

For 7 calendar days following the virtual training, registered participants may view a recording of these training sessions.

We do add additional classes if we have enough requests. If you would like a webinar on the Fundamentals of GD&T just email info@tec-ease.com and put Webinar in the subject line. No obligation, just letting us know that you are interested in a class.

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