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Step One: Train a core group of people who will be the "go to" group. This group should be composed of key people from Engineering, Design, manufacturing and Quality. This group should take all the training (GD&T Fundamentals, Applications of GD&T, Tolerance Stack-Ups and Inspecting Geometric Tolerances). Typically, the group will also be your GD&T team which will work with management to ensure training and compliance.

Step Two: Train your engineers and designers so they know how to apply GD&T to the prints they are creating. The chart below indicates who should take which course(s).

Step Three: Choose a new project. Get the core group together, along with any suppliers who may be working on the project and do a design pre-view. Tec-Ease can help with your initial pre-view sessions. Our goal is to teach your key people how to lead a design pre-view.

Step Four: The pre-view guides the placement of GD&T on the drawings. This is where many companies do not follow through. The drawing drives the entire process. Everyone downstream must know how to read the drawings. Training of manufacturing, quality and suppliers is critical. Without training, these groups may not understand how to read the drawing and may make the parts in spite of the specifications.

Step Five: Continue to conduct design pre-views for new products. Continue with training for new hires and refresher training for anyone who may need it.

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