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ASME Y14.5-2009 to 2018 Update Webinar - August 24 - 26

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This course is intended for those who already know GD&T in accordance with the ASME Y14.5-2009 Standard. This is not for someone who is new to GD&T. This 12 hour Webinar will present the revisions made in the 2018 Standard.  

When you purchase this product you are signing up for the August 24 - 26 - 11am - 3pm (EST)

Includes textbook and a copy of the 1994, 2009, 2018 GD&T Quick Reference Comparator.

Section 1: Introduction to The ASME Y14.5 Update
Why make a revision to the Y14.5 Standard?
Principal Changes
Additions of Section 1 – 4
Mandatory, Recommended, Guidance and Optional Words

Section 2: References
Cited Standards

Section 3: Definitions
Boundary Inner and Outer Boundary
Boundary Least Material and Maximum Material Boundary
Datum Feature Simulator
Free State, Pattern, Regardless of Feature Size, Restrained
New Definitions
Deleted Definitions

Section 4: Fundamental Rules, Tolerancing, Defaults and Dimensioning Practices
Fundamental Rules
Repetitive Features and Dimensions

Section 5: Tolerancing, Interpretation of Limits, Limits of Size, and Material Condition Modifiers
Tolerance Expression
Angle Tolerances
Tolerance Accumulation Between Surfaces
Rule #1 The Envelope Principle (Variations of Form)
Exception of Rule #1
Directly Toleranced Radius
Controlled Radius Tolerance

Section 6: Symbology
Datum Target Symbol
Free State Symbol
Continuous Feature
Moveable Datum Targets
Dynamic Profile Tolerance Zone Modifier
From-To Symbol
Projected Tolerance Zone

Section 7: Datum Reference Frames
The Geometric Counterpart
Unit Vectors
Datum Feature Controls
Datum Features Applicable RMB
Effects of Straightness of Datum Simulation
Determining a Worst-Case Material Boundary
Translation Modifier
Common Datum Features
Offset Planar Datum Feature
Restrained Condition
Datum Reference Frame Identification
Customized Datum Reference Frames & Composite Tolerances

Section 8: Form
Form Controls on Continuous Features
LMC and Straightness
Circularity Feature Control Frame
Cylindricity Feature Control Frame

Section 9: Orientation

Section 10: Tolerances
MMC Intended for Clearance Fit Applications
Projected Tolerance Zone
Identifying Multiple Features of Size Within a Pattern
Separate Requirements Allowed for Datums Referenced at LMB

Section 11: Profile
Unilateral and Unequally Disposed Profile Tolerance
Additional Nonuniform Tolerance Zone Specification Method
Profile on Nonsize Datum Features
When the Toleranced Feature Includes Datum Targets
Profile with Continuous Feature
Orientation of Line Element Using Profile
Dynamic Profile Tolerance Zone

Section 12: Runout
Designed Interruptions are Ignored for Inspection
New Toleranced Zone Descriptions
Relationship Between Runout and Size Tolerances
Runout on a Tangent Plane
Runout Relative to an Axis of Rotation in an Assembly


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