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The GD&T Hierarchy Coach (2018) Individual Web Subscription

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The GD&T Hierarchy Coach teaches Fundamentals of GD&T in accordance with the ASME Y14.5-2018 Standard with additional coverage of former practices in the ASME Y14.5M-1994 and Y14.5-2009 Standards.

To help make GD&T even more accessible, we have added Closed Captioning to the GD&T Hierarchy Coach.   (CC can be turned on and off)

Most programs and books on GD&T are considered dry and long. The GD&T Hierarchy Coach is not that! Tec-Ease, Inc. has worked hard in its development to help students of GD&T learn concepts the first time! It follows the same instruction technique used in Don's books, GD&T Tips and live presentations. It is geared towards many learning styles and is not only designed to assist a student in understanding GD&T concepts but also helps with information retention by providing application and inspection examples, full color 3D graphics, fun animations, quizzes and a little pointed humor.  Tec-Ease, Inc. courses earn registered continuing education credits.

This course should take 24 to 30 hours to complete.

Individual Web Subscription includes:

1) You take on-line so you can train anywhere

2) 6 Month access

3) One hard copy of the GD&T Hierarchy Collection (Textbook, Workbook, Solutions, Pocket Guide)

4) Access to our Web-based final exam

5) Certificate of Completion, upon receiving a passing score (80%)

6) Designed for one person to take, no reset option

Note: Additional access time is available:  6-Months for $120 or a Yearly subscription for $200. 

This course is also avaiable as a Corporate License

Couse Outline:
Why GD&T Hierarchy?

Introduction —
Geometric Shapes
Geometric Characteristics

What is GD&T? 
GD&T Symbols
Statistical Tolerancing
Actual Envelopes
Features of Size
Irregular Features of Size
Material Condition Modifiers
The Feature Control Frame
Continuous Feature
Principle of Independency
Virtual Condition

Datum Features
Datum Feature Simulators
Datum Reference Frame
Degrees of Freedom
Datum Precedence
Datum Feature Selection

Datum Feature Controls
Affect of Modifiers
Rotational Constraint
Datum Translation 

Advanced Datum Concepts
Simultaneous Requirements
Restraint Clarified
Datum Targets
Repetitive Patterns of Features


One Orientation Symbol
Tangent Plane

Between Symbol
All Around Symbol
General Profile Tolerances
Unequal Profile Tolerance
Composite Profile Tolerancing
Non-Uniform Zone

Coaxial Features
Composite and Single-Segment
Inspecting Position
FIM (Full Indicator Movement)
Profile Controlling Coaxiality