Geo-Ease II
Geo-Ease II
Convert your GD&T callout to plain English

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A software tool that translates Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, in accordance with the Y14.5 Standard, into plain, understandable English, Geo-Ease™ is a software like no other.  Build your callout with simple mouse clicks and watch Geo-Ease™ translates the symbols and geometric callouts into plain English with one meaning.  Dynamic hot words instantly link you to easy-to-understand Help screens with graphics.  This feature allows you to learn geometric dimensioning and tolerancing as you need it.  Use the inspection tool to calculate the available positional tolerance taking any bonus tolerance into account to make pass/fail decisions.  Then easily generate inspection reports or reports of the translations and conversions which may accompany a print to explain unfamiliar symbology to others.  Geo-Ease™ is completely rule based. Choose the Y14.5 Standard the drawing was made to and build the feature control frame using the rules for that Standard..  The software will not allow you to build an incorrect callout.  The software will also do easy conversion, with one mouse click, the dimensions and tolerances toggle between millimeters and inches. Geo-Ease™ automatically calculates the inner and outer boundaries of features of size.  These values are frequently used for gage design and tolerance analysis.  A pop-up chart shows additional tolerance allowed when material condition modifiers (MMC and LMC) are specified.  Enter any value within the limits of size to see the allowable geometric tolerance.

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