2009 The GD&T Hierarchy Pocket Guide (Y14.5-2009)
2009 The GD&T Hierarchy Pocket Guide (Y14.5-2009)
In accordance with the Y14.5-1994 and 2009 revisions of this ASME Standard
Full Color
By Don Day
ISBN 978-0-9792781-7-4

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Here is the Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing pocket guide you have been waiting for. All illustrations are in full color. By using solid models of real parts, 3-D illustrations of datums and geometric tolerance zones and extensive use of color it was possible to create a handy guide that clearly explains the meaning of GD&T. This is the biggest little pocket guide there is. There are over 130 pages of GD&T that will fit in your pocket. Everything is in accordance with the ASME Y14.5 standard (both 1994 and 2009 revisions).  Where a concept is referencing the 2009 revision of the standard, the text is shaded in green.

To "Flip" through some of the pocket guide, click here Pocket Guide 2009

Included in the GD&T Hierarchy Pocket Guide:

  • Drawing symbols
  • Types of tolerancing
  • The hierarchy of tolerances
  • How to translate the GD&T callouts into plain English with one clear meaning
  • Dynamic tolerancing diagrams are illustrated in full color
  • Major rules of ASME Y14.5M-1994 are explained
  • Every geometric tolerance is explained including:
    • How GD&T should appear on drawings
    • What the tolerance zone looks like
    • Sample illustrations of how to inspect parts
  • Datum referencing and what it means
  • Degrees of freedom
  • Sample fixturing
  • Practical applications of geometric tolerances
  • Converting X and Y measurements to position tolerance
  • Surface texture
  • Metric/inch conversion
  • Sample drawing notes
  • Tolerance modifiers

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