This Standard presents the design practices for dimensioning and tolerancing of gages and fixtures used for the verification of Maximum Material Condition (MMC) size envelopes and Virtual Condition boundaries generated by Geometric Tolerances controlled at Maximum Material Condition (MMC) and datum features controlled at Maximum Material Boundary (MMB).  Some examples of gages and fixtures used to inspect workpieces using Regardless of Feature Size (RFS) and Regardless of Material Boundary (RMB) are shown in Appendix C.

Most of these practices focus on the design of receiver-type gages, which collect attribute data when used for the verification of workpieces dimensioned and toleranced in accordance with ASME Y14.5-2009.  Some examples are shown to fixture workpieces for the collection of variables data.  These practices represent examples of product definitions allowed by ASME Y14.5.  Since ASME Y14.5 is not a gaging standard, Y14.43 shows the practical embodiment of the theory displayed in Y14.5 by illustrating how the workpieces could be fixtured and gaged for tolerance verification.