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The GD&T Hierarchy Pocket Guide Instructor's Kit (Y14.5-2009)

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The GD&T Hierarchy Pocket Guide Y14.5-2009 PowerPoint Presentation

Over 250 customizable PowerPoint slides!  This PowerPoint package follows The GD&T Hierarchy Pocket Guide Y14.5-2009 written by Don Day.  Don used 3-D solid models and color graphics to illustrate and explain the concepts of GD&T.  Additionally, there are speaker notes to explain the concepts illustrated on the slides.  Many of the slides include animations of sample in inspection and gaging applications.  Unlike some other presentation packages, you may easily customize this one to suit your needs.  Use this package with the Pocket Guide for an overview short course in GD&T.  

For college professors and company overviews, here is the perfect course. The course takes about eight-hours to teach. It is intended to provide participants with a quick overview of GD&T and leave them with a great reference tool.

This kit includes: The Pocket Guide PowerPoint with instructor notes and one copy of The GD&T Hierarchy Pocket Guide.

For a complete course in GD&T consider the The GD&T Hierarchy Textbook Y14.5-2009.  Workbook and Solutions and accompanying PowerPoint package, which contains over 700 slides!