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Why Use Tec-Ease for GD&T Training and Materials?

Tec-Ease provides superior GD&T training worldwide with expert coaches at a competitive price. You will find that our staff is friendly, helpful and willing to work with you to ensure that your training needs are met.

All our trainers have real-world industry experience, are senior level certified, and have a working understanding of GD&T. They use a variety of teaching techniques to ensure the class is engaging and that the material is memorable. The use of humor keeps the participants interested and helps them learn. By adding additional time to the course, our trainers can incorporate your drawings into the training, adding another benefit for your company and employees.

We do what it takes to get the job done right, the first time. When you are comparing Tec-Ease with other GD&T training companies, use our Check-list to easily see how they stack up against us.

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Here are some questions you should ask when interviewing a company to provide training for your business:




1 - How flexible is the scheduling?

Tec-Ease has multiple trainers available which allows us to provide the training you need, when you need it. We will work within your schedule for starting and ending times as well as session lengths. Our staff will work with your organization to ensure we meet both your content needs and time constraints. Our flexible and innovative scheduling often allows our customers to complete their training needs without severe interruptions to production. For example, utilizing webinars for on-site training not only saves money by eliminating travel expenses, but it also enables us to conduct training in 3- or 4- hour blocks over several days or weeks. This frees up participants to continue work while still receiving the benefits of training.


2 - How educationally sound is your program?

Tec-Ease has done its homework in this area. We ensure that the students are being engaged in effective learning by using techniques that require the use of both the right and left-brain. The use of humor and activities allows the students to participate and laugh while learning and retaining what some may consider a dry subject. Process checks are used during the training to make certain the learning process is meeting everyone's needs. It is our belief that through these checks we can correct any issues immediately rather than wait for the results of the course evaluation sheets at the end of the training.


3 - Do you offer pre-and post-testing?

Upon request, Tec-Ease is happy to provide pre-and post-testing. We also provide a free on-line test to help with self-assessment. It allows people to assess their own understanding of the subject. In addition, for a nominal fee, we set up more extensive customized on-line testing. Many companies use this as a way to internally certify their employees.


4 - Will you customize the training?

If time allows, Tec-Ease, Inc. will not only incorporate your prints into the training, we will also answer your questions, not just discuss the symbology. You will be guided on how to capture design intent while meeting quality, cost and delivery requirements. We welcome discussions about your parts as we feel it is a good way to "bring home" certain points. If you would like to speak with your coach prior to the training, we would like to speak with you. This ensures that any specific questions you may have are covered during the course.


5 - Do you provide customer service?

Tec-Ease, Inc. prides itself in outstanding customer service. We work very hard to ensure that our customers' needs are met in a timely and professional manner. We care about our customers and want to help them succeed. That is why from the first time you pick up the phone and talk to us you will be greeted by a friendly professional, interested in your training needs. We will carry that into the training with in-process checks and time for discussions. This service will continue after the training by encouraging you to call us with your quick questions. We are passionate about this subject and want to make sure that your company is using it correctly and reaping the benefits of this powerful tool.


6 - What types of reference tools will we have after the training?

As part of the Fundamentals course, each participant will receive our full-color textbook and pocket guide. Both can be used to look up many different aspects of GD&T. We will also provide the participants wtih 15 days of free access to The GD&T Hierarchy Coach. This allows participants to revisit concepts immediately after the course is completed. We encourage you to contact us with quick questions after the training. When our customers look good, we look good.


7 - Do you offer multiple levels of training?

Tec-Ease, Inc. offers an array of training courses from the Fundamentals of GD&T to Applications to Tolerance Stack-Ups. We are also one of the few companies that have an Inspecting Geometric Tolerances course, and a combination Fundamentals and Inspection course which is geared more for the machinists and inspectors. In addition, we offer several other related courses. Any of these courses can be customized to make sure they will meet your needs.


8 - If I have one trainer for the Fundamentals class and another trainer for the Applications or Tolerance Stack-Ups class, will there be gaps in the training?

All of our coaches use the same materials. This ensures that they cover the same topics. However, our trainers are not held to a strict schedule or outline. This allows the trainers time to explore topics in greater detail with you, should the need arise. It also ensures the opportunity for the trainers to explain topics in several different ways if the participants are having difficulty with a concept


9 - How competitive is your pricing?

You will find that Tec-Ease is extremely competitive on pricing. We continually benchmark our training against the other leading training companies. In addition to being extremely competitive, we do not tack on additional charges. When we give you a quote, it includes pre and post tests, if requested. Customization, discussions with the instructor prior to the session and follow up questions via phone, fax or email after the training are always included.


10 - How much experience do your trainers have?

Our trainers have extensive industrial experience ranging from sump pumps to cell phones and satellites. Each of our trainers has over 20 years of experience applying GD&T standards. Our instructors have over 150 years combined experience.


11 - What is your track record?

Tec-Ease has provided training all over the world and enjoys working with both small and large companies. We work very hard to provide different types of workshops including public workshops nationwide this ensures even one person in need of training will have an affordable way to get trained. Our customers continue to come back to Tec-Ease, Inc. for more training and design previews. Read our Testimonials.


12 - Are your trainers Certified and Knowledgeable of the Standard?

All of our coaches are members or former members of standards committees that write the standards you use. They are all Senior Level GD&T Professionals, certified by the ASME. Our coaches have worked in many different industries over many years. This gives them a wide range of knowledge and experience to draw from.


13 - Do you offer follow-up?

We understand that during class, with the coach present, concepts may seem very clear. But when you return to your desk, and try to apply the knowledge you have gained, it gets a little trickier and questions arise. That is why Tec-Ease and its' coaches are happy to answer quick questions via phone, fax and email after the training. It is also why Tec-Ease provides 15-day access to our on-line training.


14 - Do you offer different delivery methods?

In a world where people work remotely, have new technology and want to learn at their own pace, on their own time, Tec-Eease offers several options for training. These options include traditional on-site training, public seminars, instructor- lead webinars and self-paced computer based training. These methods allow flexibility for our customers. They also give companies and individuals pricing options to fit any budget.


15 - Does Tec-Ease offer training in other countries and languages?

Here is another way Tec-Ease works to meet the customers' needs. We have conducted training all over the world. We have English, Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin speaking coaches. In addition we have worked with translators when needed. Our Mandarin speaking coach, Mike Long, lives in Beijing and conducts all our training in China. Not only does this allow participants to have the training in their native language, it saves on travel expenses. There is no reason to pay for someone to travel to China, when we are already there. We also have a Hispanic trainer who is fluent in Spanish and English.


16 - What is the capacity of Tec-Ease and their training staff?

Tec-Ease has several trainers in the United States, one trainer in Canada, one trainer in China, one trainer in Brazil and one trainer in England. We have other trainers that are part time that we can call on when needed. With trainers located on the East and West coasts of the US, and around the world, we are able to reduce travel costs and increase availability. We also have a fully staffed office. This allows us to answer phone calls and emails immediately in order to ensure you are getting the information you need. No company is too big or too small for Tec-Ease.


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